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About Us 

The Atlantic Schools of Business (ASB) Conference is one of Canada’s longest running academic conferences focusing on business studies. The annual conference attracts approximately 100 delegates from professional studies programs across the region and beyond including deans, faculty, and students.

ASB encourages submission in a diversity of functional areas related to business administration, including (but not limited to) Finance, Accounting, Business & Organization History, Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Management Education, Organizational Behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, and more. The venue is sympathetic to research from a variety of philosophical traditions, including but not limited to positivist (mainstream), critical, postmodern, poststructural, postcolonial, or feminist. Above all, the ASB conference heartily welcomes scholarly submissions that are in various stages of development, whether in early or later stages of formulation.

The conference typically takes place over three days during a latter weekend of September. The Friday afternoon is usually devoted to a doctoral consortium or professional development workshop, with the evening dedicated to a welcome reception at the hosting university. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for scholarly paper presentations, keynote speakers and symposia. A banquet dinner including an awards reception takes place on the Saturday evening. Individual awards are given for Best Overall Conference Paper, and Best Student Paper. Institutional awards include the Research Excellence Award and a Best Overall Performance Award allocated to deserving universities.

Those who attend ASB for the first time consistently describe it as welcoming, unique, and fun. We pride ourselves on contributing to the advancement of business knowledge from all career stages including advanced undergraduate and graduate students, early, mid, and late career academics. 


Please consider submitting to this developmental and friendly venue!

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